Media Commons in Kyoto University Library

# renovation    # furniture design    # interface

Kitamura Takuya, Ota Hiroto, Tanaka Kenichiro, Shido Takumi, Shindo Takuya, Hayashi Kazuki, Yamada Ayane

Yoshida Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

ZYCC.CORPORATION, arc co., ltd.

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Project Term:

What is expected as functions of libraries? This has changed dynamically, and “sharing” has become the key concept. A new media commons requires not only private spaces, but also interactive learning spaces composed of 2-4 people and possibly viewing spaces for more people. We loosely divided the interior space by the scale of these functions, and inserted wooden fixtures to re-connect them together. These fixtures enhance the meeting of users and media, creating a new interface alluring users from tranquil spaces. By clearly showing activities occurring in Media Commons which possesses a wide range of media such as analogue scripts to contemporary digital files, we propose a new way to have a relationship with media and promote interactive learning.

Before renovation.

Integrate dispersed media and use them as an interface.

Large wooden bookshelf.

Media bar utilizing beautiful scenery from big openings.

Plan and section