renovation; traditional house; hybridizing old & new things


Kawakami Shuzo, Tanaka Kenichiro, Hayashi Kazuki, Yamamoto Yushi


Jyokyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan


ITOS co., ltd, Fujihara Hisashi

Project Area


Project Term



This is a renovation project of kyo-machiya(京町家) into a guesthouse. Most of all structural elements were too deteriorated to be maintained. We carefully select which elements to leave in order to embody the history of this building. Independent 3 buildings are loosely combined by a consistent narrow path and white wall. Moreover, we planned a small central garden, called nakaniwa(中庭) and a common space as focal spaces for interaction. This way, comfortable privacy and interaction with other guests can coexist without conflict. All openings are oriented towards plants in the garden or the sky, so that the interior spaces provide the guests with open feeling despite the small site area. The finishing materials include not only traditional materials such as wood panels or roof tiles, but also experimental materials such as washi(和紙), Japanese traditional paper, plywood, or white wallpapers to establish both old elegant atmosphere and modern lifestyle.

Commons(left) and narrow path(right)

Mixture of the tradition and modernity

Inner garden, called okuniwa (奥庭)

The wall is vividly colored with washi finishings

Plan and section.

Section view.


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