diploma design; vocational training; clinic; collective housing


Hayashi Kazuki


Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

Project Area


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Kamagasaki(釜ヶ崎) ―an area for day laborers beyond relief from social welfare―. People with serious circumstances live there without interacting mutually. Airin sougou center(あいりん総合センター) has served an important role as a complex of the vocational training center, hospital, and apartment house, and consequently as a crossing point for this region. However, this center is going to be dismantled and the functions will be dispersed into other sites by the local government.

The proposed scheme is to revitalize the space by re-constituting the existing structure and three programs. The proposed design attempts to stimulate the DNA of Kamagasaki, not only by responding to the demand of functions that have changed through 46 years after the first construction, but also by planning “non-refusing spaces” adjusted to the unique scale of life in Kamagasaki so that the place can embrace narrow living spaces, black markets, temporary structures, and supports from humanitarian organizations.

―Still, some people might remain hopeless suffering from social illness. What can I do for them as an architect? The proposed architecture is oriented toward the setting sun. People here live for unchangeable tomorrow, finding out a ray of sunlight.

The silhouette of Nankai train penetrates the frosted glasses

west elevation

east elevation

plan (+11000)

plan (+2000)

A-A’ section

B-B’ section

“Kindai Kenchiku(近代建築)”, pp266-267, 2016.6.