Ayala la land


UIA-HYP CUP 2017; student competition; greenery in the city


Ushioda Hiroki, Sekikawa Yoshiki, Hara Izumi, Hayashi Kazuki


Ayala Triangle Garden, Makati, Manila, Philippines

Project Area


Project Term



In the Philippines, houses and public buildings have been constructed such that they are coexistent with the tropical climate. However, radical developments regardless of regionality in Manila is increasing because of rapid economic growth.

There is a triangular green space surrounded by high-rise buildings in the heart of Manila. It has afforded various opportunities such as jogging, picnic, or illumination events. Although the citizens love this place as “the last green space in central Manila”, a new skyscraper is about to be built on the site. How to protect it against the ongoing development? We propose a new type of urban building where people can spend time in harmony with nature.

Composition, BIG slab, program, structure, and environment

Section and master plan


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