Nakatsu Underground


underground; backside of the city; minority


Hayashi Kazuki


Nakatsu, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

Project Area


Project Term



There are always both positives and negatives. In urban planning, how do we consider the backside of the city? Nakatsu(中津) is located just next to Umeda(梅田), the heart of Osaka. While Umeda is brisk as the largest commercial area in the west of Japan, Nakatsu is gloomy but yet holds unique attraction and value; for example, a theatrical company used to set up a base under a gigantic elevated structure in Nakatsu (now moved out due to reinforcing construction). I found that this “hidden” lifestyle is an essence of Nakatsu and valuable for “minority”, those who cannot accept the splendid lifestyle in Umeda. I propose an architecture where their activities can be developed by adding their self-build structures onto the proposed structure.

Existing buildings. There are shops with rustic atmosphere under the elevated structure.

Assembly of self-build architectures relying upon the proposed structure

Master plan (GL+14000)

Master plan (GL+2000)

Picture of the physical model


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