Gable Roof Maker


Rhinoceros; volume control; automation


For architectural projects, it is sometimes necessary to make numerous volumes around the site in the modeling software. If you feel troublesome in making gable roofs on extruded solids, this component might help you.

This is a customized command that works in Rhinoceros. It converts an extruded solid into a solid with a gable roof, just by putting “roofslope” in the command prompt.

How to use

1. Please click the following link to download; RoofSlope
2. After unzipping the file, drag & drop “RoofSlope.rhp” into the Rhinoceros window.
3. Now ready to use! Put “roofslope” in the command prompt and select the extrusion that you want to convert.

“RoofSlope” command automatically recognizes the longest edge of the plan and set the side face which includes the edge as gable side as default. If you want to rotate the pitch direction, please specify rotational angle in “Rotate” option.


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