Flexible Timber


Kazuki Hayashi


Kyoto University Katsura Campus, Kyoto, Japan

Project Area

50 ㎡

Project Term



This exhibition features the flexibility of timber. Timber is not only lightweight and strong but also has excellent deformation capacity. By utilizing recent digital fabrication technology to maximize its structural performance, it is possible to realize shapes that were not reachable by conventional building technologies.

The shape of this pavilion consists of one developable surface. Therefore, the construction can be completed simply by bending a laminated wood plate, and the cost of manufacturing and construction can be significantly reduced.

The kerf bending technique was adopted to keep the material in the elastic range even if subjected to large deformation. Kerf bending is a method to obtain a flexible bending mechanism by providing slits in the material. The pavilion’s shape becomes feasible once by augmenting the original bending performance of timber with kerf bending.

Inside the pavilion, there are tangible wooden exhibits processed using homogeneous kerf bending technology. The exhibits and the pavilion structure itself are integrated to embody the concept of “Flexible Timber.”

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