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Flexible Timber

Design Kazuki Hayashi Location Kyoto University Katsura Campus, Kyoto, Japan Project Area 50 ㎡ Project Term 20

Moving Roof

Keywords variable geometry truss(VGT); kinetic architecture; adaptive structure; structural design competition


Keywords Archasm; student competition; visionary project; shell; form-finding


Keywords product design; metal scrap; lampshade

Nakatsu Underground

Keywords underground; backside of the city; minority

Ayala la land

Keywords UIA-HYP CUP 2017; student competition; greenery in the city

解レ -architecture for embracing social illness-

Keywords diploma design; vocational training; clinic; collective housing


Keywords renovation; traditional house; hybridizing old & new things

Media Commons in Kyoto University Library

Keywords renovation; furniture design; interior design