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Mean curvature flow for generating discrete surfaces with piecewise constant mean curvatures Piecewise constant mean curvature&nbs […]

Assembly sequence optimization of spatial trusses using graph embedding and reinforcement learning


Graph-based reinforcement learning for discrete cross-section optimization of planar steel frames A combined method of graph embedding (GE) […]

Reinforcement learning for optimum design of a plane frame under static loads

FULL PAPER ABSTRACT A new method is presented for […]

Discrete Gaussian curvature flow for piecewise constant Gaussian curvature surface

FULL PAPER ABSTRACT A method is presented […]

Reinforcement learning and graph embedding for binary truss topology optimization under stress and displacement constraints

FULL PAPER Abstract This paper addresses a […]

FDMopt: Force density method for optimal geometry and topology of trusses

FULL PAPER ABSTRACT This paper present […]

Regularization of panel shapes for latticed shells

Keywords latticed shell; panelization; clustering; constructability